Hi! My name is Artiom Dashinsky and I'm a product designer from Tel Aviv. I'm a former senior designer at WeWork and an author of "Solving Product Design Exercises".

I created Emoji Stickers while traveling between Istanbul, San Francisco and Minsk. 

While reading a Unicode report I realised again how big emojis are and couldn't understand why there is still no comfortable way of typing emojis on our laptops or desktop computers, when on mobile it's so easy and quick.

There is no doubt that people love emojis and with this project I want to improve their ability to communicate by allowing them to type emojis quickly and easily on laptops/desktops.

I remember having these cool stickers on my first white MacBook and how much I loved them. Emoji Keyboard Stickers are an awesome gimmick by itself, even without the functional aspect and look cool on your keyboard.

Feel free to catch me on Twitter or shoot me an email with your thoughts ✌️